Actress launches her first book on simple, lekker meals that promote good health


Actress Euodia Samson has proved she’s just as proficient in front of a stove as she is on a stage, with the release of her first cookbook, Good Gut Health.

The Cape Town-born TV personality is best known for the roles in movies such as the Netflix original Angeliena, as well as the Showmax film Twisted Christmas.

While the 52-year-old actress and now cook has shone in TV shows such as Arendsvlei, Waterfront, Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond as well as her iconic role in Tussen Duiwels, what many may not know is that she is also a Tension and Trauma Release Therapist and an Integrated Wellness Consultant – with a passion for simple, lekker kos that promotes health.

Finding herself facing an empty nest after her sons moved out, she started a daily Facebook Live show which has been very well-received.

For Euodia, the constant requests for a hard copy from her followers was what drove her to finally putting her book together.

‘’Speaking about health and wellness, mind, body and soul, the platform was a perfect vehicle to reach more people and many said how they benefited,” she says.

“My followers started calling it ‘class’ as they learn so much during each of the Facebook Live sessions. They then requested I put the low carb meals I cook during my life in a book.

PUBLISH: Good Gut Health

“At first, I was very reluctant as I thought one can Google low carb recipes if you want them. But ‘the class’ insisted.

“I decided if I was to do a cookbook, it would be more about the information on why your gut health is important for overall health and wellness than just recipes,” she explains.

INSPIRED BY HER CLASS: Book has easy meals recipes and a detox programme

“Having battled weight gain, health issues like pre-diabetes, hypertension and suffering from anxiety, I discovered the Banting/Keto lifestyle nine years ago.

“I believe that saved my life as I was definitely heading towards getting cancer as I already had a lump removed from my breast at 19 years old.”

The book is dedicated to her parents who died over 15 years ago.

‘“Mommy died of colon cancer and daddy died from stroke complications. The bulk of the information is about why gut health is so important and then there’s a 14-day detox programme.

“The recipes are simple and basic with ingredients that you can get local and cheap,” she adds.

Good Gut Health retails at R260 and can be ordered via WhatsApp on 079 152 7478.

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