How to listen to Today, Explained on the radio –

Vox’s daily news explainer podcast is now available on public radio stations across the US.
Beginning April 4, you can listen to Today, Explained on many local public radio stations across the US, with more added regularly. That’s because we’re partnering with WNYC to bring our daily news podcast to stations from New Hampshire to Portland and many regions in between.
Don’t worry, we’re still dropping episodes Monday through Friday on your favorite podcast platforms. We’re just giving you one more way to listen to the show, say, while driving through Michigan en route to a long-overdue vacation or in between celebrations at Mardi Gras.
Listeners in earshot of these stations and radio networks can tune in as follows.

Why are we taking Today, Explained to the radio?
Not everyone is a podcast listener (yet), and we want to reach as wide an audience as possible. By partnering with local public radio stations, we’re aligning with journalists who share our mission to empower people with the information and insight they need to understand the world and communities in which they live.
Is anything changing about the show? Will we still get songs?!
Today, Explained is always evolving, and we don’t want to rest on our laurels — all 1,000+ episodes of them. We’ve continued to update the show over the past four years, most recently adding Noel King as our newest host. That change allows us to plan even more ambitious series and field reporting from Sean Rameswaram, Noel, and the entire Today, Explained team.
That said, the spirit of the show will remain unchanged. Every day, the show will help our listeners by diving deep to explain one story or issue.
And, yes, there will always be original songs.
Questions about how to listen or want to recommend we consider your city for radio play? Email us at (Note: It’s ultimately up to the individual radio stations to decide to air Today, Explained, but we’re happy to pass along your suggestions.)
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