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You’ve been building long enough. It ends today.
The beginning of Fortnite‘s Chapter Three, season two caught many players off-guard. The first patch of the season removed the building mechanic from the game, which has been a core part of the whole gameplay experience since the game’s release.
The building mechanic once again became available in regular matches after a two-week absence, but the Zero Build mode is here to stay. Players can choose which version of Fortnite they’d like to play, enlarging the overall playing field.
If you’re looking to queue up for a Zero Build match in Fortnite, you’ll need to:
While the core gunplay will be similar, players will find themselves in a completely different environment with the building mechanic being gone. Getting used to this new game mode can take a while, and you can use a few tips to give yourself an edge over players who are just trying out the game mode.
Considering you don’t have materials to build yourself a fort whenever you get in danger, you’ll need to be more aware of your surroundings since finding good cover can make the difference between a Victory Royale and getting eliminated.
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