How to Watch Mark Harmon, John Travolta & More on ‘Emergency!’ – TV Insider

Long before 9-1-1, Chicago Fire, or Station 19, the first responders of Emergency! saved the day.
The 1972–77 drama joins FETV’s schedule tomorrow (airing two hours nightly at 10/9c), but first, this seven-hour marathon showcases the guest stars who popped up alongside firefighter paramedics DeSoto and Gage (above, Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth). Such as:
The future Sweathog—in his first onscreen role—sweats it out in a Season 2 episode as a badly injured hiker who needs an airlift before a brushfire reaches him. (6/5c)
In one of his earliest parts, Nolte plays a dashing doctor. The Season 3 hour also features NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus as, natch, a football player with a broken ankle. (8/7c)
The Batphone was ringing in Season 4, and these heroes answered the call! Batgirl Craig swung by to play the wife—make that one of the wives—of a bigamist hurt in a traffic accident. Batman himself, West, took the role of an actor who had to be rescued…from a bear! (9/8c, 10/9c)
His second onscreen role was almost his first big break. As an animal control officer in this thrilling Season 4 episode, the future NCIS star helped wrangle a Bengal tiger. It was a backdoor pilot for a series that, alas, wasn’t picked up—but Harmon’s career seems to have recovered just fine. (11/10c)
Emergency!, Sunday, April 3, 5/4c, FETV
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