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Gmail has almost two billion monthly users, but not everyone is a fan of the service and how it shares your data. So if you plan to quit Gmail, here is a step-by-step guide for deleting your account without deleting your Google account.
How to delete Gmail without losing your Google account
Note: this process will delete your Gmail account but it will not delete your entire Google account. All other Google services, such as Google Calendar, Drive, Play, etc will remain. To erase all services, follow my guide to Delete your Google account.
Step One
Sign in to Gmail and click/tap the grid icon of 3×3 dots. In the dropdown menu which appears, click the ‘Account’ button. It is the first icon in the menu and will show your account image, if you chose to upload one.
Step 1 – Select the grid icon and click account
Step Two
Click the ‘Data & Privacy’ option in the left side menu. It is the third option in the menu, below ‘Home’ and ‘Personal Info’.
Step 2 – Data & Privacy settings
Step Three
Scroll down to the ’Your Data & Privacy Options’ section and select ‘Data from apps and services you use’.
Step 3 – Delete a Google Service
Step Four
In the « Download or delete your data » section select Delete a Google service and, if prompted, sign in again (this is a secondary security check). Select Gmail and Delete.
Step 4 – delete a Google service
Step Five
You will be prompted to enter another email address you wish to associate with your Google account so it can still be accessed. Google will verify this address: select Send Verification Email.
Step Six
Open the email you received from Google and follow the deletion link.
Step Seven
Select « Yes, I want to delete (example) » then Click Delete and Done.
Deleting a Gmail account is not immediate and Google will take several days, even weeks, to complete the request (the company doesn’t specify an exact timeframe). The upside of this is you can cancel the request if you immediately regret your decision.
Note: Only the administrator of your account can delete your Gmail account. If you are not the administrator (for example, a work or education address), your deletion request will be rejected.
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How To Delete Your Google Account