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A trusting woman has told how she let her boyfriend dye her hair after teaching himself on YouTube — only for it to end in disaster.
Taking to TikTok, the woman who goes by the acronym cvillainnn, shared a short video explaining how she went blonde for free.
She began: “This is what happened when my salesman of a boyfriend sold me on the idea that going blonde is ‘so easy, you can literally just DIY it for cheap.’ “
The social media user went on to explain how her sister had recently spent $1,000 having her hair dyed at a professional salon.
Rather than having to fork out an extortionate amount herself, the TikTok user’s boyfriend suggested she buy $7 hair dye from Walmart, and he’d color it for her.
“For the next week, he kept sending me articles and YouTube videos to prove he’s been doing his research,” the woman continued.
Eventually, she agreed and let her boyfriend put his research into practice. Only, it didn’t quite go to plan.
In the next clip, she revealed that rather than luscious blonde locks, she was left with bright orange hair.
“I still had to go to school that day and I called my regular hairstylist begging her to let me in,” she continued.
She went on to say how her hair horror was then used as a case study at the salon, with the experts making a lesson out of her on “what not to do.”
And it wasn’t long before social media users took to the comments section to discuss the hair disaster.
“$0.62 but at what cost?” asked one.
A second commented: “That’s so tough. I’m so sorry this happened to you.”
A third penned: “The way you showed us how it happened girl I love you,” while another added: “Nooo. All that and you still weren’t blonde.”
In response to another who asked why she believed her boyfriend could achieve a professional finish on her hair, the woman commented: “He’s such a good learner to the point that he taught himself how to thread to save me from paying to get my eyebrows and mustache done.’
She added: “Guys, pls go easy on my bf – he may not be a pro but he is an angel for trying to save my broke student a** some money.”
This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.
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