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Microsoft strengthened its Cisco partnership at Ignite 2020, bringing direct video interoperability
Interoperability is the cornerstone of an effective UC setup, and leading providers like Microsoft and Cisco now support customers with bidirectional integrations between their apps. This allows users to preserve their existing workflows and investments while driving extensibility. Microsoft first announced a collaboration between its Teams platform and Cisco Webex at Ignite 2019. The company said these new features would be available on new meeting room devices that can run embedded web technologies. At Ignite 2020, Microsoft strengthened its Cisco partnership yet again, bringing direct video interoperability to the Microsoft Teams platform.
In 2022, users can run Cisco video conferencing from Teams, provided an administrator enables the integration on both platforms.
How to Deploy Cisco Webex Meetings for Microsoft Teams
To use Webex from Teams, administrators need to first configure the organization’s Webex site for integration with Microsoft 365. Here are the steps to enable this:
These six steps allow Cisco administrators to prepare for Teams-Webex interoperability so that users can start making Webex video calls directly from Microsoft’s collaboration platform.
Microsoft administrators can make Cisco video conferencing available to Teams users by following these steps:
Administrators can now open the Teams user interface and install a Cisco Webex tab by clicking on the + icon at the top of the relevant channel.
For instance, if there is a dedicated channel for team communication at the headquarters, the Microsoft Admin can click on the + sign on the top of the channel to open the Add a tab menu. Search for Cisco Webex Meetings in the menu, and the installation wizard will guide you through the process. Since you are logged in from an admin account, you can choose to Consent on behalf of your organization so that every end-user does not have to go through and accept the permissions manually.
Once the Cisco and Teams administrators have set up the prerequisites, end-users can start to access Webex video conferences from a Teams channel. Here are the steps:
After the two services are connected, the Cisco video conferencing experience in Teams is seamless. In addition to accessing Webex features from the channel tab and install the Webex Meetings app from the Microsoft Teams marketplace. The app will be available once a host account on the organization’s Webex site is activated by an admin, following the steps we outlined at the beginning of this article.
Using the Webex Meetings app, users can:
The company regularly updates the Cisco video conferencing integration for Microsoft users to provide reliable and feature-rich experiences. Cisco introduced some recent features, including default Webex sites for Teams, Teams data available in Webex meeting reports, meeting reminders, and a new messaging extension.
In addition to video conferencing, the partnership between the two companies now supports a call integration as well. The Webex Call app for Teams lets users launch Cisco-supported voice and video calls from the Teams interface, complete with a dialpad, contact lists, call search, speed dial, and all the features one would expect from a softphone. The integration supports SIP calling, providing organizations with another way to preserve their existing investments while upgrading their infrastructure.
The Webex Call app enhances the Cisco video conferencing experience for Microsoft customers by making the features more easily available without typing in channel commands. Importantly, it is available on desktop, Android/iPhone, and iPad interfaces, providing users with maximum flexibility.
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