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You can easily cancel your Netflix account in less than a minute.
Nelson Aguilar

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You can cancel Netflix from your phone, tablet or computer.
Earlier this year, Netflix said that it would once again raise prices for all subscribers in the US — ranging from a $1 to $2 increase per month. And while these price increases may not seem like much on their own, if you combine these new fees with your Disney Plus, HBO Max and other subscriptions you might have — suddenly your entertainment budget may be looking a little tight. Which is why you might be thinking about canceling your Netflix account.
Price hikes are nothing new — Netflix has been increasing its monthly fees periodically over the last few years. What is new is Netflix is testing out a new feature that clamps down on account sharing with people outside of your home. 
If you’re ready to cut down on your streaming service subscriptions, we’ll show you how to easily cancel your Netflix account on both your mobile devices and your computer.
Netflix makes it difficult to cancel your subscription on your phone and tablet, but there is a way to do it, although you won’t be using any of the official Netflix apps on the App Store or Play Store. Instead, you’ll need to use the web browser of your choice to cancel your Netflix account:
1. Go to Netflix.com on your web browser and sign in to your account. If you are redirected to the app, access the Netflix website in a private browser, which prevents redirecting from occurring.
2. Tap the three-dash menu in the top left to open the side menu.
3. Now hit Account.
4. Scroll down and tap Cancel Membership, which you’ll find under Membership & Billing. The next page will notify you that your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing period.
5. To cancel your Netflix subscription, tap the blue Finish Cancellation button.
To cancel your Netflix account on mobile, you need to go to the website in your web browser.
Canceling your Netflix subscription is much more straightforward on your computer. To start, simply open your preferred web browser and then follow these steps:
1. Go to Netflix.com, sign in to your account and choose a user. Don’t use a Kids account or else you won’t be able to access your account settings.
2. Next, hover your mouse over the user icon in the top-right and click Account.
3. Hit the Cancel Membership button.
4. Finally, click the blue Finish Cancellation button.
Ignore the offers on the right side if you’re intent on canceling your Netflix account.
Netflix’s price increases for its three tiers of its streaming service are now in effect for any new subscribers and will slowly roll out for existing Netflix customers. You may have received an email about the price hikes, but if you haven’t, here’s the latest price breakdown: