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The Ringer Finger is one of the most hilarious and painful weapons in Elden Ring. Here’s how to get it.
There are tons of hidden weapons for players to find in Elden Ring, and some of them are much more comedic than others. One of the best, funniest, and strongest is the Ringed Finger hammer. This unorthodox mallet is similar in design to the ring-wearing finger of one of the Spider Hand enemies that players can fight throughout the Lands Between. These enemies are known for their quick and erratic movements that usually catch players off-guard.
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The Ringed Finger looks hilarious to use, has a unique Ash of War skill that's just as comical, and is actually capable of dishing out some decent damage for those willing to master it. Here's a look at where players can pick up the Ringed Finger hammer in Elden Ring and what exactly it does.
The Ringed Finger is well-hidden for those that don't explore every possible nook and cranny of the Lands Between, as developers stuck it in a pretty interesting (and punishing) spot. Those that want to get their hands on this finger will need to head all the way to Mt. Gelmir, high above the Altus Plateau. Getting to the Altus Plateau is difficult enough, with imposing enemies, hidden Key Items, and frustrating terrain standing in the way. Players that can brave Magma Wyrm Makar can slip up the Ruin-Stewn Precipice and slip through the backdoor to Altus' expansive zone. Those that can't defeat the firey boss will have to opt for traveling up the Grand Lift of Dectus by piecing together the elusive Dectus Medallion. Whatever method players use, their journey will eventually take them to the Gelmir Hero's Grave, high in the mountaintops.
The easiest way to make it to the Gelmir Hero's Grave, for players that have yet to discover it, is to head up Mt. Gelmir from the Seethewater River Site of Grace and follow the mountain path around, hugging the left the entire time, until they reach the Craftsman's Shack. From the Craftman's Shack, players should head towards the Hermit Village ahead, through it, then towards a cliff on the other side. There is a massive rock that juts outward from the cliff, allowing players to run across it and jump down to a Mausoleum-style entrance to the Gelmir Hero's Grave. Once inside, they'll ride the elevator down to the Site of Grace.
Now comes the fun, and semi-difficult part, for anyone with lower health. By turning left from the Site of Grace, going down the stairs, and continuing on through the hallway, players will eventually reach a long room filled with lava and a massive ramp heading downward. When players start running down this ramp they'll spot a Chariot enemy that will begin moving towards them. This Chariot is a trap and is impossible to kill. It will one-shot anyone that it touches, so players need to duck into the openings on the side of the room as they make their way downward. Towards the bottom of the ramp, players will notice that the lava extends far down to the bottom of the room.
To reach the Ringed Finger hammer, players need run through this lava, around the corner to the left, and then into a small secret area with a chest. The Ringed Finger lies within the chest, and players, thankfully, won't have to fight any enemies to obtain it.
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The Ringed Finger hammer is definitely one of the most curious weapons in Elden Ring. The large appendage does decent damage, is fairly quick to strike, and has one of the most hilarious weapon arts in the game. Players that use the Claw Flick will see the finger grow enormous before flicking outward against the enemy. This flick attack, unfortunately, is a bit slow and doesn't have extended range, but it does a nice chunk of damage and is unforgiving against Poise. Those looking to break and enemie's defense will have a much easier time with Claw Flick than oher weapons.
The Ringed Finger uses Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade, requires 17 Strength and 7 Dexterity to wield correctly, and has solid Strength scaling (B) when upgraded.
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