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The Eclipse Shotel is a unique curved sword that comes pack with a powerful weapon skill. Here’s how players can find the blade.
There are a lot of painful status effects that players must endure when making their way through Elden Ring. Whether it's from bosses, field enemies, or other players, there are a plethora of debuffs that can harm, stun, and outright kill the player if they're stacked high enough. One great example of this is the Death ailment which will instantly kill the player if it stacks too high and breaks through their defenses.
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There's a spell, incantation, and primary weapon that can stack the death ailment on opponents, so players that want to wield the powerful effect have some options. The weapon, the Eclipse Shotel, is one of the best choices as it has the capacity to stack the death effect quickly and efficiently on opponents thanks to its weapon skill, Death Flare. Here's where players can find the Eclipse Shotel curved sword in Elden Ring if they want to try it for themselves.
The Eclipse Shotel isn't found until rather late in the game, as it's hidden high in the Mountaintops of the Giants, far North of where players start their journey. It's a long trek to make it to the snowy mountains, as players will need to first make their way to Altus Plateau, then trek through Leyndell, Royal Capital. Just making it to Altus Plateau can be tough enough in the early game, as players need to unlock and use the Grand Lift of Dectus (or fight Magma Wyrm Makar to sneak in the back). Leyndell, Royal Capital is supremely punishing the first time players make their way through its winding streets, with tough enemies and painful bosses. Eventually, players can make their way to an elevator in the city, which will lift them up into the Forbidden Passage and then to the Grand Lift of Rold. Up this grandiose elevator lies the Mountaintops of the Giants.
Once players have access to the Mountaintops of the Giants, they'll need to progress through the area until they eventually reach an area called Stargazer's Ruins. From there, players can head Northwest and find a bridge that spans the gap leading to Castle Sol. Once in Castle Sol, players can continue through the area, until they eventually reach the Church of the Eclipse. Players should be careful in this area as the enemies are downright punishing, especially in groups. The Eclipse Shotel curved sword is located at the altar of the church.
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The Eclipse Shotel sword requires quite a bit of Dexterity and Faith to wield, but it's well-worth it for players that are skilled with curved swords. The Eclipse Shotel is fast, maneuverable, and has access to the unique Death Flare skill, which lights the sword ablaze and allows players to inflict the death ailment upon their foes by striking them. It also has a follow-up attack that will cause an explosion if players use the skill in quick succession.
Although the sword doesn't carry great scaling, even with upgrades, its death ailment can quickly eliminate enemies and rival players. It takes 30 Faith, 25 Dexterity, and 10 Strength to wield the Eclipse Shotel correctly.
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