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Destiny 2 features several tanks to defeat in both Vox Obscura and The Communion, and this guide explains how to deal with them.
Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion introduced many new activities for players to tackle, and several of them can be quite rewarding in terms of materials for weapon crafting or Pinnacle gear. Among these activities are the Vox Obscura mission, which forwards the story of Caiatl and Calus, and The Communion mission, which is a replayable step of The Witch Queen's campaign.
What these missions have in common is that both feature very powerful tanks as enemies, which also become bulkier and inflict more damage when players scale the difficulty up to Master. Destiny 2 players who want to learn how to defeat the tanks safely and with the best loadout can use this quick guide.
Because both Vox Obscura and replayable missions from The Witch Queen's campaign can be played on Master difficulty, which is the highest difficulty setting for both, it's worth understanding which weapons are the most effective and safe to use to defeat the tanks.
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The most valuable options to deal with Destiny 2's tanks are linear fusion rifles and rocket launchers, with the former being able to deal high damage to the tanks' critical spots, and the latter dealing lots of damage without aim requirements.
Because it's hard to sustain aiming down sights for prolonged periods in Master difficulty, mainly due to not being able to see if enemies are approaching or if the tanks themselves are shooting their missiles, rocket launchers are easily the safest route to take.
In The Witch Queen, players are introduced to crafting and several weapon patterns, with some unlocking upon completing specific objectives. Among them, there is the new Stasis rocket launcher called Palmyra-B.
Palmyra-B is currently one of the best weapons in the game, and the reason is twofold. For starters, it's the first Stasis rocket launcher to ever be released, which can be combined very well with Stasis Elemental Well builds for the extra damage coming from Font of Might.
More importantly, Palmyra-B can be crafted with Auto-Loading Holster in the third column and two of the best damage perks in the fourth column.
A Palmyra-B with either Lasting Impression or Explosive Light will deal an incredible amount on its own, and even more so to tanks. This is because the Palmyra-B rocket launcher also comes with an Origin Trait called Hakke Breach Armaments. This perk increases the damage dealt to vehicles, such as tanks.
With an Explosive Light Palmyra-B, which was tested at a Power Level of 1574 (including artifact bonus levels) against the 1580 Power Level of Master activities, Destiny 2 players can deal lots of damage to the tanks. With only Explosive Light, a tank on Master Vox Obscura or The Communion takes damage equal to 3/4th of one health bar.
With both Explosive Light and the increased damage to Palmyra-B coming from Font of Might, the tank takes damage equal to around a health bar and a half. This means that two rockets and a few shots from another weapon should be enough to destroy a single tank.
The damage dealt to the tank will vary based on the players' Power Level, however, and it will be lower or higher depending on that factor.
The second rocket launcher worth mentioning is Gjallarhorn, which is incredibly powerful on its own, and it has two noticeable advantages over Palmyra-B.
The first is that Gjallarhorn with its catalyst can hold two rockets in the magazine, meaning that it can shoot them back to back without having to manually reload or wait for Auto-Loading Holster to proc on Palmyra-B. The second is that, if playing with other people, Gjallarhorn buffs their non-Exotic rocket launchers to deal more damage.
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As far as damage goes, which was again tested at a Power Level of 1574, a single Gjallarhorn rocket deals damage equal to one of the tanks' health bars. This means that Gjallarhorn's DPS will be higher against the tanks due to its catalyst, but it will require players more rockets to defeat the tank – three instead of two.
Ideally, the best thing to have would be a player shooting their Gjallarhorn, and another shooting their Palmyra-B with either Explosive Light or Lasting Impression while the player is also under the effects of Font of Might.
This should be enough to defeat a tank, only requiring a total of two rockets – one per player. If playing solo, however, the best way to defeat the tanks is to have a Stasis subclass on and use a Palmyra-B, which will take two rockets and a few shots from a Primary or Special weapon to finish a tank.
Suppose Destiny 2 players don't want to use a Stasis subclass or find the strategy more complicated to execute due to needing to spawn a Stasis Elemental Well. In that case, Gjallarhorn is the second-best option for solo players.
Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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