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They who land first, loot first.
Where we droppin’, boys? It’s a crucial question before any match of Call of Duty: Warzone.
Knowing how to land faster in Warzone is important, especially now since the game has added redeploy balloons on Caldera. But dropping in at the start of a game is the first of many important engagements during a match of battle royale.
The key to landing faster, whether in Warzone or in real life, is to cut your parachute. We don’t recommend it in real life, but in the battle royale game, it can spell the difference between grabbing a gun and winning initial gunfights or immediately heading to the Gulag.
How often you deploy, cut, and redeploy your parachute depends on how far you want to travel. If you’re trying to land directly beneath your current location, cut your chute as early as possible and then dive straight down to reach top velocity faster.
But it’s important to make sure that you deploy your parachute a bit higher and further from your desired landing spot than you might think. If you wait until the last possible second, you could get stuck gliding awkwardly above where you want to go. Deploy your chute earlier and you can glide in horizontally at a high speed.
If you want to deploy and then travel further distances from where you originally dropped, you have to create a cadence of deploy, cut, redeploy. When you cut your chute and then redeploy it, you increase your speed while gliding, allowing you to cover further distances in a quicker manner.
Something else that can help is turning off the Parachute Auto-Deploy setting in your Options menu. This will keep you entirely in control when deploying and cutting your chute and could prevent disaster from happening.
Resurgence is a good mode to practice your parachuting in, considering you have potentially unlimited respawn capability and won’t have to worry about your Gulag matches to have a chance to drop back in.
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