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By published 4 March 22
The Limgrave Divine Tower location and how to restore Godrick’s Great Rune
The Elden Ring Divine Tower of Limgrave is a particular sticking point for new players, a special area you need find after Godrick’s Great Rune in Stormveil Castle. The Divine Tower is needed to bring out its full power and access Godrick’s strength, but the Tower is hard to find and even harder to access. We’ll explain how to get to the Divine Tower of Limgrave in Elden Ring below, as well as how you can restore Godrick’s Great Rune, as well as the unique power it gives you.
Elden Ring divine tower limgrave
The Divine Tower of Limgrave is actually incredibly close to Godrick, though reaching it isn’t as easy. It’s the huge structure to the East of Stormveil Castle, on the map marked above, but it’s not clear how to get there – the bridge is damaged and the tower seems impregnable from the lower levels.
Elden Ring divine tower limgrave
The reality is that the connecting bridge, despite being damaged, is still the path into the Divine Tower of Limgrave. Incredibly careful players can reach the Tower by taking the following steps.
This is the first example of a recurring phenomenon throughout the game, in which Great Runes are found and used to trigger certain powers. We’ve got a full explanation in our Elden Ring Great Runes and Rune Arc farming guide for you to check out.
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