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In the southern section of Limgrave, Elden Ring players will find a mysterious tower called Oridys’s Rise with a puzzle to solve.
When Elden Ring players first walk out into the open area of Limgrave, there are lots of possibilities for what to do next. Players can keep following the main trail up north, or they can go east, or they can even go south –that's the beauty of Elden Ring's "choose your own path" approach.
For the players out there that find themselves in the southern section of Limgrave, they might come across a mysterious tower called Oridys’s Rise with no obvious way to get inside. There's a barrier blocking the front entrance, but players will notice a tome near the building that gives folks a little hint as to how to solve the puzzle. Here's how to get inside Oridys's Rise in Elden Ring and the reward that lies within.
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Reading the book in front of Oridys’s Rise won't give much information, but it will certainly lead players in the right direction. It reads: Seek three wise beasts. And the "beasts" that the tome is referring to happen to be large turtles near the tower. Elden Ring players will need to find and kill all three turtles for the magical barrier to disappear. Here's how to find them all.
The first turtle is found just off to the left side of the tower's main entrance. It's hiding in a bush, shown in the image above. Smack it with a weapon to kill it, and it will fade away.
Go to the right side of the tower to find a pond. The second turtle is invisible, but players will notice the water moving in the middle of the pond –this is where the turtle is waiting. Hit the spot with one of Elden Ring's weapons to get rid of the turtle.
And for the last turtle to unlock the Oridys’s Rise tower, check the main path that leads up to the tower entrance. Players can see the location in the image, but it shouldn't be hard to miss since the turtle is out in the open.
Now that the front entrance is open, players can climb to the top to find a single treasure chest containing a handy item called a Memory Stone. Using this will increase the number of slots available for learning new sorceries and incantations, which can be great for players focused on using magic.
Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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