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Disney wants you to tell it what you want to see
Starting on March 16th, 2022, when you first sign in to your Disney Plus subscription, you’re going to be asked to select content ratings for all of the users in your family — a reflection of the network’s new parental controls. When you open the app, you’ll be asked if you want to change your content rating from TV-14, which is somewhat restricted to TV-MA (no restrictions). If you don’t choose, you will be automatically slotted into a TV-14 rating.
(Why the new TV-MA rating on what was a very family-friendly service? Perhaps because it’s also bringing in a group of Marvel shows, such as Daredevil and Luke Cage — shows that do not fall into the category of “family-friendly.”)
Here’s how the process works on a computer; you will see a similar series of screens on the mobile or TV app.
If you want to change your ratings (or any other settings) later, you can do so by clicking on your personal icon and selecting Edit Profiles. You can then select your profile, go to Content Rating and change the rating there.
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