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By published 11 March 22
Get more Runes with the Golden Scarab talisman in Elden Ring
The Elden Ring Golden Scarab talisman increases the Runes obtained from killing enemies, and knowing how to get more runes in Elden Ring is a great get. Knowing where to find the Golden Scarab is a whole thing entirely though in Elden Ring, as is defeating the two bosses needed to claim it. Oh, AND the crucial fight takes place in a small area full of Scarlet Rot, meaning you can just die from constant health damage without either boss ever landing a hit. However, the Elden Ring Golden Scarab and its rune boosting abilities is obviously a hugely useful thing to find. So, below, we’ll tell you where to get it and how to beat the bosses defending it, the Cleanrot Knights.
Elden Ring golden scarab runes cleanrot knights
To get the Golden Scarab talisman and boost your Runes in Elden Ring, players should head to the region of Caelid, East of the starting Limgrave. Specifically they’re looking for an abandoned cave called… er, the Abandoned Cave. This is found East of the Smouldering Wall Site of Grace, past the dead trees occupied by a couple of mangy monster dogs.
Elden Ring golden scarab runes cleanrot knights
On the far side of this area will be a ravine that blocks off your path, but there’s a large branch crossing it into the cliffside opposite – and leading to an open cavern (seen above). That’s the Abandoned Cave, but be very careful crossing the branch. Stepping anywhere but the very centre has a nasty habit of causing you to slide off the edge to your death (it’s a long drop).
Once you’re inside, the challenges are only beginning. Use the Site of Grace, and make sure you have quite a few Preserving Boluses, or any item that can be used to cure Scarlet Rot. Some poison cures wouldn’t go amiss either, but they’re not quite as essential if you’re careful.
Elden Ring golden scarab runes cleanrot knights
The Elden Ring Golden Scarab is at the far end of the Abandoned Cave mini-dungeon, the reward for killing a couple of bosses. But the Cave itself is pretty brutal, so we’ve put together this step-by-step guide on getting through it.
At the end of this tunnel is the golden fog that marks a boss arena. Make sure you’re ready before you go in – have your Rot cures and Flasks ready, as well as equipment well-suited to close-quarters fighting. This battle won’t be kind to mages.
Elden Ring golden scarab runes cleanrot knights
The Cleanrot Knights should be just about manageable for anybody who’s gotten past Godrick, and fairly easy for anybody who’s made it to Leyndell or past that. Anybody before that point might find them tough, and even those who are past it still need to be careful, as they’re well equipped to make use of player complacency.
Once you beat the two Cleanrot Knights, you’ll get 7000 Runes, but you’ll also actually get a lot more than that – as they drop the precious Golden Scarab.
Elden Ring golden scarab runes cleanrot knights
The Golden Scarab is a Talisman that can be put on in your equipment menu. While worn, we discovered that it boosts Runes earned through killing enemies by about 17% (though not through using Rune items or selling gear to merchants).
Still, this is very much a big deal – there’s literally nothing more important in Elden Ring than Runes for progression, and the longer you wear it, the more it’s going to speed up your ascent through the game. Once you have it, we recommend pinning it to your character’s lapel and never, ever taking it off. It’ll certainly work wonders if you head to our Elden Ring Rune farming locations, making a profitable experience even more so.
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