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It’s just as good the next day!
Beef brisket is a Drummond family staple, which is probably why Ree has so many delicious recipes for it (just wait until you try her Spicy BBQ Brisket). But what happens if you make a big brisket and have tons of leftovers? Sure, you can shred the leftover meat and use it in various types of tacos, lunch-ready sandwiches, or tasty quesadillas—but if you just want a nice plate of leftover brisket, you’ll need to know how to warm up the meat the right way. Nobody wants dry brisket!
Here, we’re sharing how to reheat brisket so it turns out just as tender and juicy as the day you made it. First things first: What is brisket, anyway? It’s a fairly tough cut of meat that comes from the lower chest of the cow, below the chuck. (You can also get veal brisket!) Corned beef—not to be confused with pastrami!—is beef brisket that has been cured.
But no matter what kind of brisket you get, it needs to be cooked at a low temperature for a long time in order to break down that meaty connective tissue (quite the opposite of your favorite steak dinner recipes!). Braising, slow-cooking, baking in a low oven, or smoking are your best bets.
There is one very important thing to remember about reheating beef brisket: Stay away from the microwave! Brisket is best reheated in the oven; the microwave will simply dry it out. Here’s what we’d recommend:
That’s it!
« Low and slow » is your motto! If you zap your meat with super high heat (as might happen in the microwave), it could overcook and dry out. As we mentioned, to keep your brisket moist, you can also splash a little beef broth, cooking liquid, or water on it before you put it in the oven, and you can drizzle on some gravy or barbecue sauce once it’s heated to liven it up again.
Whole brisket will stay juicier than sliced brisket. If you can, try to only slice the amount of brisket you plan to eat or serve on that given day, and store the rest in the fridge in one piece. (You can still reheat sliced brisket—just follow the directions above to keep it juicy.)
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