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The boss can be easy with the right tools.
Early on in your adventure through Elden Ring, you’ll most likely come across the Limgrave Tunnels to the north of Agheel Lake. The cave is long and filled with Miners that pack a punch with their heavy pickaxe attacks. After battling your way through, you’ll find yourself face to face with the Stonedigger Troll, a lumbering behemoth that can send you back to the Site of Grace in the blink of an eye.
If you’re struggling to defeat the beast, here’s how you can do it.
First off, you may have noticed while clearing your way through the dungeon that slashing attacks seem to bounce off of the Miners’ skin. This is because the Miners are resistant to these types of attacks, and the same goes for the Stonedigger Troll. Because of this, it’s important to pick your weapon of choice carefully.
Magic is one of the best ways to defeat the Stonedigger Troll. Equip your strongest damaging sorcery or incantation and go to town on the boss from a distance. But be careful, the Stonedigger Troll has decent range on some of its club attacks, so don’t get greedy with your spells. Once the boss gets too close, roll or run away from it until you’ve reached a safe distance and begin casting again.
If you haven’t built your character for using magical spells or simply prefer to be in the face of the enemies you crush in Elden Ring, then your next best bet is a weapon that deals strike damage. Equip a mace, flail, or hammer and get to smashing.
For the boss fight itself, the Stonedigger Troll is very slow and has some big animations for its moves. One of the safest places to attack from is right below the troll or slightly behind it. Just be ready to roll when the boss lifts one of its legs up because it’s about to use its stomp move. The Stonedigger Troll won’t just let you sit behind it and attack, so when it turns and faces you, wait for it to start using a move and roll back under it.
There are a few attacks to be wary of, however. If the Stonedigger Troll grabs its club with two hands and lifts it into the air, get ready because it’s going to smash the weapon into the ground with a fairly large AoE radius. Standing directly behind it is no longer an option since its hitbox reaches there as well. The roll timing for this is a bit precise, so if possible, try and get as far away from the boss as you can.
Another dangerous attack in the boss’ arsenal is its running move. If the Stonedigger Troll roars before gripping its club with two hands and lifting it into the air, it’s going to use this attack. If you’re already standing behind it, try and keep it that way. The attack is long with many ground smashes from the boss’ club. It’s best not to try and attack during this. With the final strike of the attack, the troll will stomp with one leg before bringing its club crashing down. Be careful if you’re close to the boss when it does this because the stomp will stagger you and the final club smash does a lot of damage.
Once you’ve defeated the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring, you’ll be rewarded with the Roar Medallion and 1,800 Runes.
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