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By , published 11 March 22
And where to find the Rune Arcs needed to activate them.
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If you’ve picked up an Elden Ring Great Rune in the Lands Between, you might want to know what to do with it. The main bosses drop Great Runes, alongside Remembrances, and they can offer a handy boost to your Tarnished—provided you take the steps necessary to activate them.
You can equip a Great Rune with an Elden Ring Rune Arc, once it’s been activated, to give you its passive bonus effects. You can only equip one at a time, though, so it’s likely you’ll want to switch between them for different encounters or areas. 
A word of warning: Boss names appear in this guide, so click away now if you’d rather avoid potential spoilers. Otherwise, here’s what you need to know about Elden Ring Great Runes, including where to find the Rune Arc items needed to activate them. 
Whenever you pick up a Great Rune from a boss, you’ll need to restore it before it can be equipped. To do this, head to the Divine Tower in the region of the boss that dropped the rune. As an example, Godrick is the first boss that drops a Great Rune, so you need to make your way to the Divine Tower of Limgrave.
The good news is that once a Great Rune has been restored, you won’t have to do it again. If you’re planning on switching them often, however, you should make sure you have plenty of Rune Arcs.
Restoring a Great Rune isn’t enough to actually see its benefit. To make use of the passive effects a rune offers, you’ll need to equip it, then activate it using a Rune Arc. 
Rune Arcs are fairly rare drops from enemies—mostly from rats, though still not often—and they can occasionally be found in chests. The most reliable way to get your hands on the item is from the vendors at Roundtable Hold and Liurnia of the Lakes. Each Rune Arc item will set you back 4,000 Runes.

Here are the Great Runes we’ve found so far, along with the effects they offer and where to restore them:
Godrick’s Great Rune
Great Rune of the Unborn
Radahn’s Great Rune
Morgott’s Great Rune
Rykard’s Great Rune
Mogh’s Great Rune 
Malenia’s Great Rune 
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