How to prepare your family for winter wildfires in Utah – Salt Lake Tribune

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Caden Terry, 15, does what he can as he joins neighbors in cutting down tall brush as crews battle a grass fire in Tooele county being dubbed the Green Ravine fire as it burns on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019.
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As The Tribune recently reported, winter wildfires, similar to the Marshall fire in Boulder, Colorado are likely to be part of Utah’s future. A number of communities could be at fairly high risk from these wildfires.
Here’s a quick guide to some home, family and community solutions to prepare for winter fires.

Here are detailed resources to help prepare your family and home with a wildfire emergency plan.
See this map to know how high the fire risk is in your neighborhood.
Ready to take fire preparation very seriously? Ready, Set, Go! is the most detailed guide out there to prepare your home and family.
In addition to prescribed burns, family and community evacuation plans, and proactive community plans for wildfire preparedness, Murray City Fire Captain Steve Olson emphasized the importance of participating in debris clearing efforts in communities.
“If your community has spring clean up days or clear the brush events, get involved in those,” said Olson. “Everyone wants to help when a fire is burning. It’s a lot harder to get people out there in these clean up efforts that could actually prevent a fire.”

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