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Getting to Deeproot Depths can be a bit complicated. Here’s how players can find it.
Elden Ring is a massive open-world adventure. Players that are just now jumping into the release will likely be floored by the amount of content there is to see, explore, and unlock. From Software did a fantastic job in crafting an expansive open world that looks and feels truly alive (even if it's filled with all manner of Dark Souls-inspired pain). Even after 50+ hours, there is likely things that players haven't discovered yet.
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One of the biggest reasons for this is that developers did a great job placing hidden zones and secret areas into the already huge open world. Some of these places are much easier to find than others. The Deeproot Depths is one of the most "complex" of the hidden areas as its found rather deep into an already large underground area. Here's a look at where players can find the Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring.
Players that are hoping to get to the Deeproot Depths early on will have a tough time. The zone is accessed by progressing deep into Nokron, Eternal City, an area that is gate locked behind an incredibly imposing boss. Those that want to make the long trek through Nokron, Eternal City will first have to tangle with Starscourge Radahn, one of the main bosses in Elden Ring and perhaps one of the most frustrating for many players.
Although it is possible to finish the main story of Elden Ring without ever having to destroy Radahn, those that are looking to make it into Nokron will have to defeat the Demi-God. It's a tough fight, and definitely not for early-game players, meaning Deeproot Depths is essentially off-limits to those that don't have a group of helpful cooperative players to take down Starscourge Radahn with them.
Once Radahn is defeated, players will notice a new area in South-Eastern Limgrave, just south of the Mistwood Ruins. The new area was struck by a massive star and has opened into a swirling vortex of rock and debris. By climbing down the cliffside and making their way into a nearby cave, players will find themselves descending into Nokron, Eternal City. It takes a bit of platforming and careful planning to make it successfully through the opening area of Nokron, but players will know they're on the right track when they reach a Site of Grace that opens up into an expansive part of the city.
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After walking down a narrow ramp between two large buildings, players should find themselves in an open area with a far-off bridge and a large open building that features an imposing mist wall. The boss inside is the Mimic Tear, a creature that will carbon copy the player, taking their armor, weapons, abilities, and even equipped items. This can be a rather difficult fight depending on what build a character is running, as well as their gear, but there is a relatively easy way to "cheese through it." By simply un-equipping their gear and walking through the door, players will be able to spawn a Mimic Tear with no weapons or armor. Players can then quickly re-equip their items and effortlessly beat the boss.
After the Mimic Tear is defeated, players can continue up the nearby staircase and make their way across a massive bridge. Near the end of this bridge, there is a section of wall missing and players will spot a path downward where two large enemies are patrolling. If players hug the left-hand side as they make their way down and follow the wall up a small hill to the left they'll be able to unlock another Site of Grace for the Ancestral Woods.
Heading directly to the East of the new Site of Grace will put players towards a hidden path in the woods to the left of the large columned area. Players will know they're tracking through the woods correctly if they begin to spot jellyfish. Following these Jellyfish and veering slightly to the right through the trees will eventually bring players up a small hill and to a cliffside that's teeming with more jellyfish. Once there, players can look over the edge of the cliff and spot a path jutting out from the rock wall on the left-hand side of the cliff edge. Jumping down and following this path will eventually bring players to another Site of Grace, the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs.
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Once players reach the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs, they can hug the wall to the left and run to the end of a path to find a large tower. Players should be careful to jump onto the small, thin roof beam and then down into the tower itself. From there, players can head to the door on the left and through the next room. It's important to note that two Crucible Knights patrol this area and can be a bit of a handful. Once players make it to the long hallway with water on the floor they should continue to the left and then take a right at the waterfall, past some arches. Turning immediately left, there is a staircase that leads up into a massive open cave with an expansive waterfall at the end of it.
The boss fight before Deeproot Depths is definitely one of the most challenging in the game for some players. The Valiant Gargoyle that swoops down is very capable of killing most players in just a few hits, and it has massive AOE attacks that can be difficult to outmaneuver for those that are just meeting the boss for the first time. Like all of Elden Ring's bosses, learning the Valiant Gargoyle's attacks are the key to beating it, but things are a lot more challenging than normal for this particular fight. That's because, soon after players start engaging the first Valiant Gargoyle, a second one will spawn in (this time with a Twin Blade weapon).
To make matters even worse, the duo have access to a heavy poison AOE that will quickly fill a player's poison bar (unless they have some poison resistance items). For this reason, it's not recommended to stay ultra-close to the Gargoyles at any given time. The poison AOE, paired with their crushing attacks, makes close combat difficult to manage, especially when both of them are attacking the player at once.
The best course of action to beat the Valiant Gargoyle Duo is to run far away from them, hopefully baiting one of them to follow closer, where players can leap in and get some decent damage in before dipping back out. This is a fight that will very much punish those that are greedy with their attacks. It's important not to do too much or overextend. It's a methodical battle that rewards patience, so players should be prepared to stick it out for the long haul. Carrying a spell like Flame, Cleanse Me! can also be immensely helpful, to clean the poison should it build too far. Those that are struggling can also use Mimic Tear Ashes to summon an A.I. clone of themselves or put down a summon request in hopes that another player will come along to help.
Once players manage to topple both of the Gargoyles, they'll be able to activate a new Site of Grace near the waterfall. From there they should spot a stone coffin. Moving to this coffin, and hopping inside it, will carry players all the way to Deeproot Depths.
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