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Improve your tracking with this practice regimen.
Written in partnership with Aim Lab.
Apex Legends is an FPS game where the gunplay focuses on accurately tracking your opponents.
Due to the relatively high time-to-kill (TTK) and the abundance of movement abilities and tech in Apex, every single bullet matters when trying to win fights. If you want to improve your aim and tracking fundamentals, Aim Lab has you covered.
Here are eight Aim Lab scenarios that will train you to track like a monster.
This scenario is a simple yet applicable one. Motiontrack Ultimate will have you practice target acquisition and mid-range tracking. Targets will alternate from being stationary and single hit to moving in a straight line and requiring about the same tracking time as an Apex spray.
Circletrack Ultimate consists of a target that will revolve around you in a full 360-degree range of motion horizontally. The target will disappear and reappear at different spots in the ring of movement when killed. This scenario will help you determine if your sensitivity is comfortable enough to allow you to flick to a target and keep up with it. Try to use your entire mousepad while doing this scenario.
This scenario has only one single undying target that will move all around you randomly. Since Spheretrack Standard tests both horizontal and vertical movement, it will help you practice using your mousepad height, as well as improve your overall mouse control.
Startrack Standard also uses a single undying target. But this one will only move in long, fast, and straight lines. This scenario’s purpose is to train your mouse stability. Being able to keep your aim steady over these long strokes will be a useful skill when Apex’s gun recoil is introduced into the equation.
Similar to Spheretrack Standard from earlier, this scenario uses a single target that will move around in random patterns. But only the 90 degrees in front of you will be used instead of a full 360. This will help you hone your more applicable aim in Apex since the majority of trades and exchanges will happen without needing to make large mouse movements.
Due to the sheer amount of mobility in Apex, you’ll often be in scenarios where an enemy is flying toward you in an arc. Whether it’s a Horizon jumping off her Q, an Octane jump padding in, or just someone falling from a height, Arctrack Standard will simulate that arced movement and prepare you for it.
This scenario is derived from the earlier Startrack Standard. Here, the same undying target will be moving in straight lines in front of you. But the distance you’ll need to cover is greatly reduced, hence the use of the word “micro.” Since you need to move your mouse less to track at range, this scenario is meant to help with that.
The final scenario in this playlist is CloseFastStrafer Capsule. This is perhaps one of the most applicable practices for Apex since any fight that doesn’t take place at range or behind cover will devolve into A and D key spam as both players try to make themselves harder to hit. This Capsule target will simulate an enemy doing just that.
These strong and solid eight scenarios will help you improve your tracking fundamentals in Apex. A full run through this playlist will take between eight to 10 minutes, meaning that a couple of runs is a great warm-up.
If you’d like to see more tips on how to improve your mechanics in Apex, check out Aim Lab on YouTube.
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