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The Prophecy Painting puzzle is the first of its kind that most players discover in Elden Ring. The solution isn’t too far away, thankfully.
Elden Ring hides secrets behind other secrets and uses a variety of new gameplay mechanics that conceal some of the game's most valuable items in these places. Throughout the Lands Between players can find a number of paintings that depict an artists' view of a specific location. These Elden Ring puzzles can be hard to figure out, especially if you haven't explored a lot.
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To solve one of these painting puzzles, players must find the spot where the original artist made it. By carefully analyzing a painting one can usually make out major landmarks that help to distinguish its origin. The Prophecy Painting depicts Elden Ring's iconic Stormveil Castle with a waterfall and large cliff in the foreground, hinting at its faraway solution across the southern waters.
To find the Prophecy Painting in the first place, head to Stormveil Castle's upper courtyard. You can get here from the main gate by progressing through the first courtyard up to the second, or from the Secluded Cell Site of Lost Grace by heading left past the Troll and continuing past an Ogre ahead on the path.
The Prophecy Painting is found in a side room connected to the courtyard, right next to another Ogre who will not hesitate to follow you inside if you try to flee the fight. You can sneak around the sides of the courtyard to find the Prophecy Painting, but be sure to use spells like Assassin's Approach or Darkness to guarantee not being noticed by the veritable army of Godrick Soldiers.
Once you have "acquired" the Prophecy Painting, you can access an image of it at any time by navigating to the far-right tab of the Inventory where it is listed alongside your collected Notes. You will need to go to the Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave main, and make your way to the northernmost tip of the province. The easiest way to get here is to go south from the Bridge of Sacrifices Site of Lost Grace, turn northwest at the fork, and continue through the Demi-Human Forest until you ascend to the cliffs above.
Head to the edge of the northern cliffs and look towards Stormveil Castle to line up the shot. When you find the exact position the painting was created at, the spirit artist will reward you with the Warhawk Ashes. Do you remember those birds with swords instead of feet that plague the Stormveil Castle experience? Well, now you can summon one of your own, and its speed and flight make it a particularly decent ally.
Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.
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