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Volcano Manor holds many great items in Elden Ring. Here’s how players can get there.
Elden Ring features a massive open world to explore, with tons of NPCs to speak to, bosses to conquer, and secret areas to uncover. There are many special places that are relevant to questlines or hidden within obscure locations that players will need to unlock in order to obtain some of the best items and weapons within the game. A great example is Volcano Manor, a firey location of immense heat that features some deadly enemies and unique NPCs.
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Unfortunately, getting to Volcano Manor is a bit strange, with a variety of branching paths that all lead to the manor's doors. What path players take, and what they must do once they reach the location, is entirely up to them. To better help those that are ready to take on Elden Ring's Volcano Manor, and its quest lines, the following guide features information on all three paths leading to the area.
It's entirely possible to walk to Volcano Manor, but it's quite a long trek from Elden Ring's starting zone. To reach the area, players must first step foot into Mt. Gelmir, a zone that's far north, past Liurnia of the Lakes and Atlas Plateau. These areas are riddled with powerful enemies that are capable of striking down low-level players in one-hit, so it's not advised that Tarnished head to Volcano Manor until they're appropriately leveled (a good baseline recommendation is Level 50).
Those that are ready to make the trek to Volcano Manor can start at the base of Mt. Gelmir, by running from the Erdtree Gazing Hill in Atlas Plateau. Looking from the Site of Grace, players will spot a small statue way off in the distance, up a hillside. If they ride up to that statue, hook a left, and ride through the Wyndham Ruins (watch out for the Tibia Mariner boss), they'll eventually wrap around into a cave-like structure that has the Seethewater River Site of Grace. Proceeding north from this Site of Grace starts the trek up Mt. Gelmir.
The path is "fairly" straightforward, with players continuing North and taking each path upward. Eventually, they should come across a massive series of rock walls jutting upward, with long ladders that must be climbed to ascend to the summit. As players inch closer they should catch a glimpse of Volcano Manor off in the distance, and they'll know they're close once they see a long rope bridge across a gap. On the other side is a Site of Grace, a ladder, and a nearby jump pad for Torrent.
Players should be careful as ascending up this peak via the ladder or jump pad will immediately begin the boss fight with the Fully-Grown Falling Star Beast that resides at the very top of Mt. Gelmir. Players can avoid startling the beast by using the jump pad and staying to the right, landing on the edge of the "arena" as they leap with Torrent. Once players are up top they will spot a massive rock jutting out to the right side of the boss arena. By running to the edge of that rock and jumping down, they'll be put on the final path to Volcano Manor. The Fully-Grown Falling Star Beast does not need to be killed in order for players to make it to Volcano Manor.
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Ascending Mt. Gelmir isn't the only way for players to access Volcano Manor. Another method can be used to instantly teleport to the fiery location, and it's accessible much earlier in the game. To access this "fast travel," players will first need to gain access to Raya Lucaria and then proceed through the opening area until they reach the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace. Continuing from there and heading outside, players should find themselves within the graveyard of Raya Lucaria, a linear path that will eventually lead to a massive turning wheel that acts as an elevator.
Once players have reached the elevator, they will need to jump onto one of the rising pads and simply ride it until it reaches the top of the wheel and turns upside down (players should run down the wheel to catch one of the other inverted pads as their original one begins to flip over, to avoid fall damage). Once inverted, players can simply ride the platform all the way down until it begins to sweep back up in the opposite direction. Doing so will drop them into a large underground area with many crystals nearby.
There should be an Abductor Virgin nearby (a large Iron Maiden that rolls around on wheels and has spinning saws for "hands") and getting near it will cause it to attack. The goal here is for players to let the Abductor Virgin kill them with a specific move. When the Abductor Virgin opens the front of its iron maiden and its inner arms extend forward, players should stand near it, in which it will grab them and lock them inside its body, doing heavy damage. If the player dies during this animation they will receive the traditional "You Died" game over screen and appear to be loading back to a previous Site of Grace. However, once the game loads, players will find themselves smack dab in the middle of the basement of Volcano Manor.
The only way to progress through the rest of the Manor and escape the area is to proceed until players find the Twin Virgin Abductors boss and defeat them. It's also possible to teleport out to any previous Site of Grace, but players will need to progress far enough into Volcano Manor to find a Site of Grace there.
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The Abductor Virgin isn't the only way for players to teleport to Volcano Manor. The final method for reaching the lava-laden location is the easiest overall, as it doesn't require players to really fight any bosses. To reach Volcano Manor, players will need to find and speak to Rya to begin her short questline. She can be found North of the Laskyar Ruins in Liurnia of the Lakes. Players will find her near the Birdseye Telescope that is just North of the ruins and she will be standing near a statue inside a gazebo-like structure.
Rya will inform players that someone has taken her necklace and she desperately wants it back. If players choose to help her, they'll need to find the man that took it and get it back. The NPC in question can be found crouched down outside of the Boilprawn Shack, directly Northwest of Rya's location. Speaking to the man will give players a chance to inquire about the necklace, and if they want it back they'll need to pay 1000 Runes. Paying the small fee rewards players with the necklace, which they can then take back to Rya.
Rya will thank the player and inform them that she works for Lady Tanith of Volcano Manor. After listening to her speak (and exhausting her dialogue by speaking to her multiple times), players will need to progress until they reach Atlus Plateau by way of the Grand Lift of Dectus. Players should spot Rya at the top of the lift, waiting near a banister on the left. Speaking to her here will have the NPC offer her hand to the player and instantly teleport them to Tanith's Chambers in Volcano Manor.
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