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By published 8 March 22
Full walkthrough for Ranni the Witch’s secret ending in Elden Ring
The Elden Ring Ranni quest, and the secret ending it leads to, is borderline impossible to complete without a full walkthrough, but it’s worth it to unlock that ending, also known as the Age of Stars. Ranni the Witch is one of the game’s biggest and most mysterious characters, and her quest will take you to strange places all over Elden Ring before coming back round to a final resolution in the last moments of the game. It’s pretty obscure at times, but don’t worry – we’ve put together a comprehensive walkthrough for the Elden Ring Ranni quest below, so you can find out which witch is which and earn the secret, best ending for yourself.
Elden Ring ranni quest secret ending
Ranni the Witch is a potentially pivotal character you’ll probably meet early on in Elden Ring, specifically in Limgrave if you head to the Church of Elleh after getting Torrent, an enigmatic four-armed figure in white clothes and a broad witch’s hat. At first she goes under the not-so-creative pseudonym of Renna, but it’s not long at all before she drops that name and reverts to Ranni. You don’t need to worry about meeting her in Limgrave, however – this is an optional encounter and if you miss the chance, you can encounter her later on to start the quest properly.
Elden Ring ranni quest secret ending
Below we’ve listed the full order of events in Ranni’s quest, where you’ll have to go and what you do when you’re there. Check the maps for specific locations, and keep in mind that you won’t be able to do this early on in the game – you’ll have to open up a lot of the map and beat a lot of bosses before you can help Ranni achieve her goals. We’ve also split the maps into the two relevant halves – above ground and below ground (mainly the area of Nokstella and the Lake of Rot) – so make sure you’re checking the right ones each time. Just under the map beneath, you’ll find the full list of objectives – go get ’em, champ!
Elden Ring ranni quest secret ending
Once Ranni’s questline is over, you can complete the final parts of Blaidd’s questline if you’re pursuing that story too.
Elden Ring ranni questline secret ending
Once you’ve done Ranni’s questline, this gives you the choice to trigger the secret ending, but won’t trigger it automatically. After defeating the final boss of Elden Ring outlined in our Elden Ring main bosses guide, you’ll see a summoning sign on the ground that’ll allow you to bring in Ranni. Trigger it to start the Age of Stars ending, a permanent decision that’ll end the game.
Elden Ring ranni questline secret ending
There’s numerous rewards threaded through Ranni’s questline, some a direct prize for completing her quest, others given by mandatory enemies you need to beat throughout. Here’s the full list:
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