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Medals of Bravery are extremely important for all characters in Triangle Strategy, and players will want to get as many as they can.
In Triangle Strategy, players will collect around 20 playable characters. Each one of these will have a unique class that gives them a variety of new spells or abilities to use on the battlefield. Players can also upgrade these classes with a hard-to-find item called a Medal of Bravery.
As players complete the many challenges that face Serenoa and his retinue, including some very difficult ethical questions that will affect Serenoa's convictions and future choices, they will gather a consumable item called a Medal of Bravery. These are not given out very often in Triangle Strategy, and they are the only item that can level a playable character's class.
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Each character that is gained during a story mission will begin at level 1 which is a Recruit. These kinds of characters include those that started in Serenoa's court to begin with, such as Frederica Aesfrost, Roland Glenbrook, Benedict Pascal, and Gleeda. Those that are gained later on in the story, such as Rudolph, or those gained in story missions like Ezana, all begin at level 2, which is Veteren. There are a total of three levels.
Each level will grant the characters of Triangle Strategy an additional TP, which allows them to perform more special moves during combat. Recruits begin with three TP at the beginning of combat, and they regain one TP at the beginning of every turn. Veterans start with four, and Elite units start with five TP, gaining one at the beginning of their turn. Upgrading a character's class also upgrades their stats, including things like Strength, Defense, and Luck.
Players will earn these medals as they complete chapters and battles in Triangle Strategy. They are given out as rewards fairly regularly at the ends of Chapters and Chapter Parts, at the end of battles, and players can also purchase one of these Medals in their Triangle Strategy Encampment from the merchant. There does not appear to be a way to farm these items, but the game will give them to players pretty regularly. By the time most of the characters hit level 10, players should have access to several in the next chapters.
Triangle Strategy is available now for the Nintendo Switch.
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